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Friday, May 14, 2010

ignorance is bliss......

Ok so I ask you what the hell is wrong with people. So when you order a drink at a bar at midnight when clearly you have been drinking all night then you proceed to complain that there is not enough alcohol in the drink than I think you have a problem. Some midlife chick walks in last night with her gross boyfriend and got a stoli seabreeze and for those of you who know me know that I don't pour a crappy drink. So she gets the drink and looks up at me all disgusted and says um can you put more alcohol in this....I can't taste a thing. O what minute yes of course I can let me go get the bottle...I can't wait to give you more alcohol because you are not a big enough dumbass yet...Really you fucknut you can't taste the alcohol...maybe because you are an idiot and are trying to get drunk so you don't have to look at the ugly thing you are going home with....NO I CAN NOT PUT MORE ALCOHOL IN YOUR DRINK...Let me tell you this if want to get shitfaced go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of whatever take it home and drink the whole thing...if you want to hangout socially and have a few drinks with friends than come to a bar. People really piss me off.

Secondly if you go to a bar for last call with your friends and you are not 21, DO NOT ASK THE BARTENDER TO MAKE YOU A VIRGIN FROZEN PINA COLADA....Yes I want to make you a virgin frozen drink at last call when I have a bar full of people who want legit drinks. Because you are going to leave me a huge tip on your virgin drink...use the one brain cell that you have left and get a coke until you are 21....no bartender wants to wait on you right now!!!

Then there is the guy who has been there drinking all night and right before he leaves he asks for a shot....o yes let me give you a shot so that you can leave and get into your car and drive away and O wait KILL SOMEBODY OR YOURSELF....idiot and then yes please get mad at me because i won't contribute your stupidness...let's not forget about the people who stroll in at 12:15 and ask um is the kitchen still open? Well hell yeah it's open order up baby....in fact take your time with the menu and let's not put the order in until 12:25....I love it...o and order a pizza that takes about 20 minutes to make and then get mad at me because I have to pick up your drinks at 12:45...really you just decided that you were hungry at 12:15 am, the thought never crossed your mind before that? Maybe your fat ass shouldn't be eating so late at night.....UGH!!!

I love people they are a joy......PEACE MAN!!!!

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