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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outsourced God Dammit!!!!

God forbid that anyone ever have a problem with their computer. Unless you are a computer guru or have taken apart your computer and figured out how to put it back together your life will completely suck until you finally find someone who can help you. So the other day Verizon was having issues with their wifi....my husband made the mistake of calling verizon to see what the issue was. They said no problem it's on our end and we will fix it. Great wow that was easy....well I should've know better....nothing is ever that easy!!! I got a call the next day a recording saying this is verizon your problem is solved....lol.....clearly I am an idiot because guess what when I sat down at the computer all excited to stalk my favorite people on facebook um NOTHING worked....being that I am not a computer guru I decided that I would let Scott deal with it....after another 3 hours of giving his name and email address to every Indian and Phillipino person from here to China...they determined that we had to go out and buy a cable to hook up our wireless to a land line to fix it....are you fucking serious?? So verizon stupid problem is now going to cost me money to fix?? I didn't like that decision so therfore I decided that I would take care of the problem....little did I know the aggravation I was about to embark on...

So I get my cup of coffee and set Brady up with Imagination Movers....and I proceed to make my call, with every intention of having a technician come to my house and fix this problem that was not my fault to begin with....After 20 minutes of giving my information to an automated extremely happy recording that I now want to punch in the face....I finally get to Nisfat who says his name is Joe but really c'mon I am not that stupid am I? Joe proceeds to tell me that they do not send technicians out for wireless problems...and that if I tell him if the proper lights are blinking he can help me solve my problem over the phone....HA HA HA clearly Joe has never met me....I tell Joe that I do not have time to deal with him anymore could he put his supervisor on the phone....after 15 more mintutes of giving my name and email address on the phone comes Patel...who call himself Henry....and he gives me the same scenerio....So I ask "Henry" where are you located and he tells me that he is the Phillipines... really are you kidding me? Henry get me someone on the phone in the state of Massachusetts....I am sorry madam....lol madam? but we do not have offices in the state of Massachusetts...well that's just fucking wonderful Henry....I proceed to tel Henry that he is a poor excuse for a customer seervice supervisor and I hang up on him after 45 minutes on the phone I have gotten no where...FML!!!! So I try another phone number and AHHHHH the skies open up and someone without an accent answers the phone....he tells me that he has a guy who will come out and fix the problem...omg really you are amazing....he transfers me to Louis....we are on the phone working through my issues and guess what Louis disconnects me....WTF.....never to call me back....I hate my computer and Verizon and every outsourced mo fo in the world they all suck!!!!

Needless to say I never got the problem fixed...I wasted 2 hours of my life......and i got a world of aggravation and I will never call anyone about the computer again!!!!