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Monday, March 29, 2010

Really more rain???

So it is just so depressing to wake up to rain yet again this morning. Places are still drying out from the last flood, I think that I am ready to build an ark. I mean seriously we are getting all of this rain right now, but come July when I have my sprinklers on people are going to be bitching because we will be in the middle of a drought. HOw is that possible?? You just can't win I guess.

I am anxiously awaiting the hazy hot days of summer. I look at my pool and seeing that big black cover on it is actually starting to make physically ill. I think that when you get older the winter(which I hate anyway) becomes longer and more annoying. I mean why the hell do I even live in New England when there are a million places on Earth that never get snow. O wait I know because people like my husband love the winter. And other friends that have moved South, tell me o you would miss winter if you moved away from it. My ass I would, if I never saw snow again it would be just fine with me. I hate being cold and having to go outside and shovel. Which is very fortunate for me that my husband has a snowblower otherwise I would probably just barrel ass my big ole truck right threw the snow banks and call it a day.

My kids are going stir crazy...my son finds it absolutely necessary to run circles around my house literally. He has so much pent up energy that he needs to expel. He really needs to be outside playing. And how many times can you take your kids to those germ invested indoor playgrounds and just hope and pray that they don't catch the swine flu while you are there. So you bring them there and then you literally pour antibacterial shit all over them, burn their clothes when they get home, and shower them immediately. Yet they still wake up the next day with giant green boogers hanging out their noses....it's a no win situation!!!

and so I saw to weathermen everywhere...people will like you a lot more if you stop reporting all of this depressing shit weather and for the love of god and the health of children everywhere....BRING ON THE SUMMER!!!

catch you on the flip side dudes.....CHOW!!!

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